About Us

About Us

We approach the counseling relationship from a wellness perspective. This is a process that involves your body, mind and spirit. We help you look at the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual components that make up who you are. We focus on the integration of the whole person and consider an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as we assist in moving you toward your goals.

Dr. Martin and Dawn Wesley

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We Avoid Labels

We avoid using labels and do not look to psychopathologize everyone. Labels have often been used to try and help but they can do more harm than good. We are not looking to make people victims; rather, we want you to not only be a survivor, but a driver to accomplish your goals. We attempt to normalize behaviors within the human condition, rather than to diagnose as a disorder or disease.

People Can Change

We believe in respecting individual values. Your therapeutic goals should match your values and your commitments to family, job, and others. However, society has its rules which you cannot or should not work against. If you burst forward with your own goals without considering society, there can be major consequences. We help you find the right balance without sacrificing your personal values and morals. This view also informs our treatment of addiction.

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