Executive & Professional

Dr. Wesley has been training counselors for over 15 years. One area that counseling training programs do not teach students is how to work with executives and other professionals. They are prepared for working with clients in a community mental health center or start a small private practice, but they are rarely prepared for working with clients who are successful in the business world.

Stress is a natural reaction to the body when the brain perceives a threat. Our challenge for this survival mechanism is to learn how to thrive under typical pressures while avoiding negative stress that can honestly kill us. Using positive stress can help us grow and develop leaders and managers but negative stress can take years away from our time on this earth. Life for executives and other professionals can be particularly stressful because of the intense pressures that they feel to make their business succeed. These pressures from accountability to shareholders, boards of directors, and employees can have profound consequences on the decisions they make. Dr. Wesley works with successful executives and other professionals to resolve the underlying issues of their particular form of executive stress, by first identifying underlying root causes, and then by counseling executives on new ways to manage at work and at home, to increase their effectiveness and help them to achieve greater happiness and satisfaction.