Aging is one of life's many transitions. While some may look forward to getting older and being able to slow down, others may approach it with trepidation. Sometimes this may be due to physical health issues, sometimes because we've lost our spouse whom we've spent a lifetime with. As we age, our bodies just don't seem to want to work as well as they used to, and we find that we lose more of the people that we love along the way.

Dr. Wesley is well into middle age and is quickly approaching "senior status", as defined by the retirement years. He has also created an academic track for masters level counselors called Geriatric Counseling, which he has had to research and write about for the last year. He has a very good understanding of the unique issues that the aging population faces physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. In fact, after his father passed away in 2013, he and his wife brought his mother into their home to care for her during her senior years. So he also has had experience personally caring for a senior family member.

Dr. Wesley can work with you regarding pre-retirement and retirement counseling, depression, loneliness, chronic pain, addiction, and other areas that are unique to you and your situation.