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Dr. Martin and Dawn Wesley, and their four-legged therapists, welcome you to their website, home and to their family. They are here to listen and support you. While they have decades of experience and education to help guide you and your family, they are also fellow travelers on life’s journey and will walk with you. They will walk with you when you feel lost, helpless and alone. They understand what you and your family are going through and often have been there themselves or shared in similar experiences through the lives of their clients. At Wesley Counseling you are not a label or diagnostic code, you are someone special that has been placed on our path and we consider it a privilege and honor to walk with you. Pierre and Maggie, our four-legged therapists would also love to walk with you, if you so desire.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, we are offering no-cost therapy sessions through our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) internships! You can work with a qualified CIT for up to 6 sessions. Call or text Dawn at 813-439-7676 to find out more about this limited offering.


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Popular Therapy Services

Stress and Worry

Anxiety can mean nervousness, worry, or self-doubt. Sometimes, the cause of anxiety is easy to spot, while other times it may not be.

Family difficulties

Family therapy or family counseling is a form of treatment that is designed to address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of a family.

Grief and Loss

Grief is most commonly discussed in relation to the death of a loved one, however, grief can be experienced following any major change.

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Finding your Way

Person Centered Therapy .01

A client-centered approach ithat involves self-actualization, empathy, and unconditional positive regard

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy .02

This counseling approach involves challenging negative thought patterns which change behavior

Adlerian Therapy .03

Adlerian theory refers to the practice and belief that people as individuals should be validated, connected, and made to feel significant.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Exploring the Problem


Empathy and Caring



Teaching and Demonstrating

Opening and Intake

04. Existential Therapy

With this approach, the client explores their purpose and meaning in life and focuses on meaningful relationships and the values of life.

05. Motivational Interviewing

Similar to Person Centered Therapy, this approach focuses on change and client values.

06. Family Systems Model

Family Systems view all human troubles and conflicts as a familial unit.

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Qualified & Credentialed

Dr. Wesley is a regular presenter, researcher and trainer.

Dr. Wesley regularly presents at both state, regional, national and international conferences. He shares his research and ideas related to many topics including: Addiction Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, Tele-mental Heatlh and Online Counselor Education.

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List of Features

Better Technology and Support

Dr. Wesley has been using Tele-Mental Health for over two decades. He is a leader in Tele-Mental Health and Distance Educaiton for Counselor Education.

A Trained Professional PhD Therapis

Dr. Wesley has the education and experience needed to help you in your tough time.

Caring Therapeutic Support

We go the extra mile to support you in your daily struggles by offering in-home support, daily text messaging, and crisis support.

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