Spiritual & Religious

Dr. Wesley loves people of faith. He was raised in a faith community and was a “PK” or “Pastor’s Kid”. However, Dr. Wesley is a professional therapist and does not impose his own values on his clients. While he is a man of faith and believes in a loving God, he is not a “pastoral” or “Christian counselor”, as these titles are often misunderstood and often abused. He does not desire to use religion or his own faith to draw in clients or make money by using religious terminology, symbols or labels. Instead, he simply accepts and loves his clients where they are and respects their religious and spiritual diversity. He also accepts his clients who are nonreligious and does not feel a need to convert them to any specific faith or dogma. Instead, he loves, accepts and learns from each of his clients. He serves as a guide, experienced teacher, mentor and fellow traveler on the road of life. He helps his clients find insight into their struggles and helps them find solutions they had within themselves all of the time.