Life Coaching / Case Management

As the client, family or couple is going through treatment, it is often wise to support the treatment goals with in-home case management. Dawn Wesley helps to support a client's treatment goals in many ways. Below are just a sampling of the ways in which case management can make a difference.

  • Parenting: In your desire and effort to be a better parent, Dawn is willing to come into your home and help to observe, model and teach evidence-based parenting skills.
  • Behavior Plans: parents may choose to add in-home services to support their child with behavioral training and academic support and light tutoring to build their self-confidence and prepare them for social situations and future responsibility. This can also work hand-in-hand with Parenting Support (see above).
  • Addiction: Case management services, in conjunction with out-patient therapy, can be the difference between another failed attempt at recovery and success seen for the first time. Dawn Wesley can help support the client through text messages, emails, phone calls, home visits, to provide a continuation of care. She can require random drug testing. This can be performed all outside of the court system. Your own personal trainer to support you in your addiction recovery goals.
  • Life Coaching: Dawn Wesley is available to be your life coach to help you attain your goals. Are you wanting to lose weight, be more caring, or more assertive, be a better professional, to prepare for the next professional position?
  • Depression and Anxiety Support: As an auxiliary service to weekly therapy with Dr. Wesley, Dawn can come into your home and add that extra level of support for those who are struggling with depression and suicidal ideations. For those who have a hard time getting out of their home and/or are overwhelmed with anxiety, as an auxiliary component to therapy sessions with Dr. Wesley, Dawn can help to support your treatment goals.

*For information about pricing for these Services, please see our Fees page.